Are You REaDy For An All Red Lookbook?

Welcome back Beatniks! Are you REaDy????? We recently REaD an article on the color red being a great source of self-confidence. One of our favorite blogs, Girl Boss, released an article titled “Wearing This One Color is Now A Proven Instant Confidence Booster”. The article cited a study done by the University of Zurich which Read more about Are You REaDy For An All Red Lookbook?[…]

Streetwear: We are Beatnik Back

THIS IS A FIRST FOR WAY TOO LONG, BEATNIKS! We were actually in the same state for once!!!! We got to spend less than a day together, but we definitely made the most of it. A day of beatnik shooting and a night of wine, family, and catching up. IT HAD BEEN WAY TOO LONG. Read more about Streetwear: We are Beatnik Back[…]

A Week’s Wardrobe – Kell

Welcome Back Beatniks! Kelly here. Earlier this week Caitlin gave you a look into her week, and some of the outfits that carried her through it. Well you guessed it; here I am to do the same!     Wednesday was just a normal day at my internship. Luckily, I’m not working in a corporate Read more about A Week’s Wardrobe – Kell[…]

City Streets Style Inspiration

Welcome back Beatniks! Time and time again we’ve stated that one of the major ways we gain style inspiration is through people watching. Even just sitting on a bench in the city and gazing among the pedestrians is a completely captivating fashion experience. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t gotten caught staring a Read more about City Streets Style Inspiration[…]

Hailey Baldwin #StreetStyleSLAYED

Hello Beatniks, One of the best ways to gather style inspiration is through a celebrity’s street style. Most celebrities have stylists whose job it is make sure that they’re always wearing what’s up-and-coming; so it’s pretty much inevitable that they’re always going to be on trend. Hailey Bladwin is one of those celebs *Quick creds Read more about Hailey Baldwin #StreetStyleSLAYED[…]