Fashion for Fickle Weather | Layering

Welcome back beatniks! So nice to see your beautiful faces again! Before we start this article, we need to take a moment and ask our good friend mother nature, “WTF is going on with this weather??!” The weather we’ve encountered lately is nothing we’ve ever expected for an east-coast October. It feels like two different Read more about Fashion for Fickle Weather | Layering[…]

Layer Player : Transitioning Summer Dresses to Fall

Welcome back Beatniks, Fall is in full swing ladies aka we finally have an excuse to excessively drink pumpkin spiced lattes and burn fall scented candles. While we’re soaking up the scents of fall and welcoming the chilly weather with open arms, we find it hard to say goodbye to our favorite clothing pieces of the summer; they hold nights Read more about Layer Player : Transitioning Summer Dresses to Fall[…]