June 23, 2016

About Us

Meet the Beatnik BFF’s

As best friends from the age of five, we have decided to fulfill a dream that has been with us since the beginning of our friendship; to inspire and create through the medium of a fashion and lifestyle blog. Beatniks at heart, we decided to name our blog after the fearless spirit of the beat generation, whose off-beat nature and willingness to sway from social norms has influenced a fashion taste that can only be described as Beatnik Bold.

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Caitlin– Hey beatniks thanks for checking out our blog ! I am a student at Boston University. I began my journey majoring in neurobiology which seems to differ drastically from the worlds of writing and fashion, but despite the demanding major these creative outlets had always been a large part of my life. It was not until I co-created beatnik bold that I became aware of the fact that fashion was not just a creative outlet, but my passion. I am now a Psychology and PR double major and intern at a fashion start up called Paridaez. I always wanted to be artistic from a young age, but stick figures only got me so far in the art world. As I got older I realized art has so many forms than canvas and paint. I discovered the art of fashion which I began to discover was the art of presenting yourself, and your personality visually for the world to see. My sense of style allowed me to present myself the way I wanted people to see me, giving me confidence. Through each piece of clothing I bought, up-cycled, or styled I was able to discover more about myself and the way I wanted to be viewed. I hope through my participation in this blog I will help inspire others to find themselves no matter what the medium, and enlighten them with the self-confidence to present themselves with personal style.

Kelly- Hello, and a warm welcome to all of you who have taken the time to learn a little bit more about us. My name is Kelly, or Kell, and I’m a Public Relations major at Pennsylvania State University. Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for all things fashion, and over the years I have developed a style which I can’t necessarily define. Boho, but edgy. Grunge, but also chic. Lets just my style is beatnik bold. Style is a form of expression, and every single day I express myself through my clothing. I get to choose how I want the world to see me; that is what makes fashion so wonderful. Through BeatnikBold, I aim to help others find their personal style, and offer guidance and inspiration in the process. Welcome to BeatnikBold.