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The world of fashion is ever-emerging and we are just one of the many, the so so many, that are trying to “make it” (whatever that may mean) in this internet-centered and fashion-driven world. Being that there are so many self-professed fashion icons out there, it takes a certain “it factor” to be noticed. And yes, we are still trying to figure out exactly what our “it factor” is, but there are plenty of people who have already found their perfect little fashionable niche.

While you should absolutely continue to read our articles (!!!), we would love to share with you some of the bloggers that gave us our initial inspiration and drove us to create BeatnikBold in the first place. These are the people who have defined fashion blogging, aka the people we secretly obsess over and internet-stalk in our free time, and we suggest you do the same.

weworewhat.com – Danielle Bernstein 

Weworewhat.com~ If there were ever to be a single person to embody what it means to be fashion forward, Danielle Bernstein is that person. Danielle’s trademark is hiding her face in pictures; she is usually wearing big sunglasses or has her head turned to the side. Why is this? Danielle wants people to be focusing solely on her outfit without distractions from things like facial features. Damn. Wish we thought of that one.

Themoptop.com – Tonya 

Themoptop.com~ Looking for some casual everyday outfit inspiration? Well then, themoptop.com is your next internet browsing stop! Tonya is the most down-to-earth fashion blogger out there; her casual and earthy fashion sense is incredibly relatable to college students, and nearly any of her outfits would be acceptable to wear to class or to hangout with friends. One thing that we have in common- she is very big into thrifting. If you share this interest (as all of you should after reading our thrifting articles) Tonya will be your new everyday fashion guide… besides us of course.

Thefashionguitar.com – Charlotte 

Thefashionguitar.com~ If you were to pull out a dictionary (remember those things?) to define the word “chic,” we are nearly positive that thefashionguitar would be right there. Thankfully no one actually owns a dictionary nowadays, so I guess we’ll never know… Anyhow, this picture of Charlotte’s ensemble speaks for itself. So chic. So so chic. Speechless.

Manrepeller.com – Leandra Medine

ManRepeller.com~ While you may be a tad thrown off by the title (I mean seriously, why would we want to repel men ?) you must give this blog a shot. It’s all things fashion, beauty, humor, feminism, and more. If you’re having a bad day and need a good laugh, Leandra’s sense of humor is like no other, and her writing reflects that. She definitely has one of the more unique styles we’ve seen. A bit over the top? Perhaps, but entertaining and inspiring nonetheless.

Fishnetsandrainbows.com – Rita Saraci

Fishnetsandrainbows~  Rita Saraci is another engaging blogger, again very much so relatable to college students. In fact, she’s a student herself. Edgy and casual, Rita has one of the most original and unique styles out there, if you couldn’t already tell from her to-die-for outfit.

Hope you enjoyed.
Until next week~ Cait&Kell

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