Under 25$ : What to Buy for Gifts When You’re Broke But it’s Christmas

Hello again our beautiful beatniks!

Our hearts tell us it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but our bank accounts would object to that statement. While we are definitely filled with holiday cheer, the holidays can also be filled with stress, which is the opposite of what St. Nick would want for this wonderfully snowy season.

So how can we show our love through gift giving on a limited budget? We’ve had some practice at this considering we’re in our third year of college… aka broke girl budget. You’ll see that one of the best ways to stay on budget is by making gift bundles. Bundles are the perfect way to stay on budget since you can just buy a few inexpensive items. Bundling also gives you the opportunity to make the gift super personal, so it is automatically valued at more than it actually cost.

For Your Girlfriend- Beauty Bundle! – Total Cost: $20-25


Now this gift has been a go-to for years, and who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that is basically telling you to pamper youself?? . Try this: A peel off face mask, Mario Badescu Rose Water($7) (since that’s all the hype), a peel off face mask ($6),

For Your Mom- A gift card for a pedicure- Total Cost: $25

Allow the lady who does the most for you to get pampered for a day. I know my mom never takes the time or money to appreciate herself. A pedicure is a cost effective way to make your mom feel special for the day.

For Your Little Sister- Makeup Brushes- Total Cost: $23

If your little sister is in the stage of life where she obsessively watches beauty tutorial videos on YouTube (don’t judge, we’ve all been there), this brush set from Urban Outfitters($23) is the perfect gift for her. bh cosmetics gives a great price for their quality, so your lil sis won’t be disappointed:)

For Your Hippie Father (please don’t tell me I’m alone on this one)- Incense holder- Total cost: $20

You know the type of person that would use an incense holder… here is his/her new favorite gift.

Maybe if your father isn’t a hippie: Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers – Total Cost: $24.50

What screams ‘dad’ more than golf and alcohol?? Get your dad these Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers from Uncommongoods.com to combine both of his favorite hobbies.

For Your Secret Santa- 5 Minute Gratitude Journal- Total Cost: $22


Giving a gift that promotes a happy and healthy mind is always appreciated. Yes it may seem cheesy, but mindfully taking note of what you are grateful for leads to a more positive outlook on life. For your pessimistic friend, this Five Minute Journal will help him/her live their life with a better attitude.

For Your Boyfriend’s Family- Personalized Cutting Board- Total Cost: $25

That’s right. We just solved your biggest stress: what to get your boyfriend’s family for Christmas. This personalized cutting board would also work great for anyone that likes to cook!

For Your Little Brother- World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie Set- Total Cost: $15

Keep your little brother busy for hours, that is a gift to the whole family! Buy him the World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies for Christmas from Urban Outfitters this Christmas and you will certainly be on the nice list this year.

Older Brother- Hammock- Total Cost: $15.99

What a cool and cheap gift! Hammocks are the perfect way to spend a comfortable day in the outdoors. Look on Amazon for some cheap and durable finds, because they are definitely a great purchase for anyone!

All of these items are under 25$. This list proves you do not have to spend a lot to show a lot of love this holiday season!! Good luck shopping for all the people you care about and happy holidays !! 🙂

Pce and Love ~ Cait & Kell

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