Black Friday Finds

Welcome back beatniks!

And welcome back us! Man oh man has it been a while. After our longest break without posting an article, we are back! AND we have tons of exciting content coming your way. Sometimes, you need a little break to get those creative juices flowing again (and to manage those crazy schedules). You never know a good thing till it’s gone, right?? Right!!! And what better time to make a comeback than right after the most exciting holiday of the year. No not thanksgiving…. black Friday!!!

This black Friday we woke up at the crack of dawn (of corse making the necessary Dunkin Donuts stop) and headed to the mall! Hitting all the major stops like Zara, Primark, Free People, American Eagle and more, our wallets definitely left with some major wounds…. buuuttttt our eyes and hearts were more than pleased. Here is a look at some of the killer clothing we picked up this past Friday; hopefully you can pick up some of these items on cyber Monday before they’re gone!!

Kelly: Overalls- Free People, $35
Caitlin: Top- Zara (skirt), $30
Belt- Express, $14
Pants- Free People, $49
Boots- Charlotte Rouse, $20
Hat- Express, $12

Kelly: Sweater- Zara, $30
Jeans- American Eagle, $22
Caitlin: Sweater- Zara, $25
Pants- Zara, $25


Caitlin: Top- Primemark, $12
Pants- Zara, $45
Hat- Express
Kelly: Sweathirt- Zara, $28
Hat- Primark, $1.50

A special shout out to Kelly for throwing me a surprise birthday party on Black Friday 🙂 You are the most amazing best friend anyone could ever ask for.

We are so happy to be back and get excited for CONSISTENT NEW ARTICLES AGAIN!

Thank you also to Kerry Harper and @theglockstar Emma Mcloughlin for photography

Peace&Love ~ Cait and Kell

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