The Best of Paris Fashion Week

Welcome back Beatniks,

Kelly Here. At last, the finale of fashion weeks has come and gone; as the last of the big four fashion weeks has passed, we were gifted with the amazing styles displayed on the runways of Paris. Paris fashion week was my personal favorite; the styles and innovative designs left me in awe and begging for more. Between Céline’s ever-so-chic and sleek styles and Saint Laurent’s (my fav) underplayed expressiveness– the fashion nerves inside me are still tingling! I have been left with a whole new appreciation for so many brands, creative directors, and designers.

Fashion week is also a great opportunity to learn what a brand’s identity is. Who are they becoming? What is their history? Are they going where no one has gone?

Here are some of my personal favorites, although to be honest, there were so many more amazing designs to choose from. I will absolutely be gathering inspiration from these designers as I think about my spring wardrobe.


Saint Laurent 

Lutz Heulle


Guy Laroche 

Christian Dior 


We’ll see you Thursday for an article that isn’t fashion week!

Peace out~ Kell

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