The One… The Only… Milan Fashion Week!

Hey Beatniks!

As the procession of fashion weeks continue we are excited to present our favorites from each. Milan Fashion week has been iconic. This is not an exaggeration; nothing can be more iconic than the the Versace show, aka the show of a lifetime. The fashion show was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Gianni Versace’s death. The show gave tribute to some of his best and most iconic lines, utilizing fabric from Gianni’s iconic 90’s collections. The collections of inspiration included Vogue, Andy Warhol, My Friend Elton John, Native Americans, Butterflies, and even more of his key lines that influenced the fashion world forever. In an epic conclusion the original super models – Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni, and Helen Christensen walked out with Donatella Versace in gold lame`, hands intertwined, and with strides that showed that they are still the #boldestbadasses in the business!!! The show, in totality, was the perfect display of Versace’s influence in the fashion industry.

And that was just one show !! Check out all of our favorite highlights- but just nothing can be as iconic as this Versace moment.












Bottega Veneta 


We hope you are loving fashion weeks’ inspiration just as much as we are. There is something about fashion week that leaves us in awe and sparks excitement for the future of fashion!

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Peace out~Cait&Kell

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