Are You REaDy For An All Red Lookbook?

Welcome back Beatniks!

Are you REaDy?????

We recently REaD an article on the color red being a great source of self-confidence. One of our favorite blogs, Girl Boss, released an article titled “Wearing This One Color is Now A Proven Instant Confidence Booster”. The article cited a study done by the University of Zurich which found that people find themselves more attractive in “red chromatic colors.” The study involved people rating how attractive they felt in a blue shirt and in a red shirt. The red shirt yielded a higher level of self-confidence, and people felt generally more attractive in the red shirt. This study showcases that red can make a person feel more confident in themselves, and there is nothing we support more than confidence through clothing. This week we dedicated our article to a color and to a study that depicted what we are trying to do with fashion- make the world a more beautiful and confident place. Enjoy our confident and bold red look book & also enjoy ANOTHER ARTICLE OF US TOGETHER!





Pce,Love, & Self-confidence ~ Cait&Kell

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