Streetwear: We are Beatnik Back

THIS IS A FIRST FOR WAY TOO LONG, BEATNIKS! We were actually in the same state for once!!!! We got to spend less than a day together, but we definitely made the most of it. A day of beatnik shooting and a night of wine, family, and catching up. IT HAD BEEN WAY TOO LONG.

To celebrate finally being together, we decided to explore one of our favorite trends: street style. Trend is a hard word to use regarding this fashion topic. What we’re talking about is more of a fusion of grungy 90’s fashion and athleisure wear. We’ve been loving the use of sneakers, fishnets, and joggers in our everyday wear. It’s easy, breezy, too-cool-for-you style has become a staple part of our weekly attire. Get excited, Because CAIT & KELL are BACK BEATNIKS!


Caitlin’s Outfit- shoes: slides from Dor la Dor in Redbank NJ $23
Sweatshirt Dress: Urban Outfitters, $12
Fishnets: Forever21
Mesh Bodysuit:, around $20 

Kelly’s Outfit- Overalls: Primark, $10 
Crop Top: Crossroads, originally Zara, $12 
Shoes: Vans, $50 
Fishnets: Forever21, $5



Caitlin’s Outfit- Bra:Calvin Klien
Sweatshirt: Forever21 $12
Fishnets: Forever21
Joggers: Mom’s (thankyou!) from Francescas
Shoes: slides from Dor la Dor $23

Kelly’s Outfit: Shirt: Forever21, $10 
Jacket: Gift, MisterTripleX
Jogger leggings: Forever21 
Shoes: Forever21, $12
Necklace: Forever21, $5

Caitlin’s Outfit- Jacket LF, $48
Shirt: Emma&Sam, $28
Joggers: Target, $20
Shoes: rose gold sneakers from Dor la Dor, $22

Kelly’s Outfit- Bodysuit: Forever21, $8
Vest: Ross, $12

Jeans: (Gift from Caitlin) Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Vans, $50 

We were able to create content for another Caitin and Kell article for next week! Get excited beatniks, because our favorite articles are the onesthat we create when we are actually together!!!

Peace&Love ~ Cait&Kell

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