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Welcome Back Beatniks!

Kelly here. Earlier this week Caitlin gave you a look into her week, and some of the outfits that carried her through it. Well you guessed it; here I am to do the same!


Wednesday was just a normal day at my internship. Luckily, I’m not working in a corporate environment where I would be stuck wearing blazers or pant suits (not that you can’t make those totally cute). I think this outfit really showed off my personal style; My pink suede skirt is from Amazon, and I paired it with a darker pink, ribbed bodysuit from Urban Outfitters. To add something more than just pink, I threw on a thrifted Kimono, Free People Necklaces, and Ralph Lauren thrifted booties.


Thursday was definitely a day I will never forget. I started the day at my internship with my first solo styling gig for Kellie Sweet, an incredibly sweet (haha) fashion, beauty, and lifestyle youtuber. After I wrapped up my work, I had my first experience at the Hollywood Bowl: a historic amphitheater in, you guessed it, Hollywood. I was able to unwind from a hectic week surrounded by good music and people I love.

To comfortably carry me from a busy day to a harmonious night, I opted for a graphic tee shirt, of course. But for a day full of activities and impressions, I had to make my outfit a bit more interesting than that. Overtop I layered one of my favorite clothing pieces: a mesh beaded dress from Free People. I topped off my ensemble with a black bandana and my favorite new kicks.


 Friday was just a good ol’day at the internship, but unlike any of my previous Fridays, I was lucky enough to score a visit from Madison!!! (One of my BFFs at Penn State).

To show off a Cali-transformed Kelly, I obviously had to represent the Dodgers. Yes, I came close to forking over the $40 at Dodger Stadium for a jersey, but thank god I hesitated with that purchase, because I found an even more desirable jersey at Goodwill for under $5! I accentuated the sporty aesthetic by pairing this look with sneakers, then slicked back my hair and stuck to the white palate for my skort to chic it up. I added a little more dimension to this ensemble with a striped bodysuit from forever 21.



Sunday’s look was for a quick trip to Forever21 where I picked up these to-die-for platform sandals for only $12. This button-down shirt from goodwill gives me vintage Gucci vibes, and I could not love it more if I tried. I kept it old school classic with these high waisted shorts from goodwill, and finished it off with just the right amount of accessories.

These are some of the outfits in which I feel most like myself. People always say things like “Oh that looks cute on you, but I could never pull it off.” Don’t shy away from bold fashion choices like platforms or a fancy skirt on a casual day. The only thing you need in order to pull off clothing is the confidence to do so. Believe you look damn good, and hunny you will!

I’ll see you back at Beatnik Bold on Monday with a brand new article:).

Peace out~Kell

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