Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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I always call clothing your second skin, and the skin you get to chose. I stand by this statement. The average adult is given over 22 feet of skin that is preordained a color, texture, and with bumps and marks you did not decide you wanted as part of your daily attire. I have made it my mission to make people feel comfortable in what they chose to cover their body in, but what about your body itself? You should love your body more than any article of clothing. No matter what your favorite clothing item is, it is your favorite because it highlights some beautiful aspect of your body. But just like your favorite clothing item can be improved upon by styling – your skin can be improved with a few products as well. I never really had problems with my skin until this year when stress started causing not just one cystic pimple like I had been accustomed to, but full on break outs. Ive started to beat some lazy habits when it comes to the OG skin I was given, and this has caused me to start to be truly be comfortable in my own skin.

The most important and easiest steps in the process has been simply washing my face as much as possible. Never go to bed in make up, and I personally try to wash my face long before bed time. Old make up feels heavy, when you wash your face it gets lighter feeling and brighter looking. When I wash my face I’ve been using Rodan+Fields products. A friend turned me on to their Glow and Redefine skin care products and Ive noticed a huge difference in the weight and texture of my skin. I use their Redefine daily cleansing mask in the morning. This exfoliates my skin lightly, brushing off what was left of the day before and preparing me for the day ahead. Ive combined that with a night routine of Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum. Your lips are such a large portion of your face, and keeping them healthy and moisturized is so important. With this simple and one-stop product regimen I have found an easy way to care for my skin. I don’t like to wear make up everyday. Roden + Fields has given me the ability to rock a confident and fresh face any day. Find the products that work the best for your face because your first skin is just as important as your second one.



All pictures taken without make up

When it comes to make up, I’ve been trying to keep my face make up light. I’ve been sticking to Guerlain Paris products. I am big into one stop shopping- the simpler the better for me! I have been using their meteorites baby glow sheer make up with sunscreen as a foundation. It gives the perfect balance of coverage and natural beauty. If I can suggest one product it would be this, I am completely comfortable in just this product alone ! Ive also been using their black lathers mascara, deliciously shiny lip colour, universal tinted gel (on either my lips, cheeks, or both), and lastly their terracotta bronzing powder. These 5 simple products give me exactly what I have been looking for – coverage without covering natural beauty! All of the products I mentioned produce coverage without making my face feel heavy and sticky. I have been sticking to these products for my every day look and am so pleased with their result!



Only make up worn are the 5 products discussed above

Take the time to take care of the skin you were given. It isn’t perfect, and never will be, but their is always room to improve! Find a skin care regimen and make up that make you feel confident enough to take on your day. If your face doesn’t look quiet right that day, just put that much more time into the perfect outfit to highlight your best qualities.

One of the people that inspired my own skin care is my good friend Emma of ! Her article Baby Face shows the 18 months of expertise she has gained with skincare. Her article goes into detail of different products, different skin care regimens, and the different types of skin they work for.  The products above work for me, but everyones skin is different.  If you don’t know where to start my recommendation would be to figure our the chemistry of your skin (I have combination skin) and then start with her article as a guide, or the products I’ve been using !

Marceilla Beach my Roden + Fields Consultant- 570. 561. 8499 ; ;

Peace,Love&Confidence ~ Caitlin

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