Guess what we did? (Thrifted)

Hello Beatniks,

Now, you had to see this one coming. It has been far too long since we’ve shown you all some of our recently thrifted treasures. If you know us, you know we live to shop, and if we had the budget to blow, sure as hell we would blow it all on clothing; Sadly, we don’t have the budget to blow (wahhh!). However, nothing can be too sad with thrift stores on our side, and welcoming us with open arms. If you haven’t seen the greener grass on the other side of the fast fashion fence, this lookbook should reiterate the fact that there are PLENTY of hidden gems in thrift stores just waiting for your love.

Thrifted- Belt, Crochet Vest, Slip Dress, Earrings 

Try too see things differently. Yes, this is a slip dress that I’m wearing as a tank top. I could also see myself wearing this piece of “lingerie” over a black long sleeved turtleneck with some sheer tights and thigh high boots. Don’t knock an item at first glance, just try to picture how you would wear it. And if you’re unsure how you would style it, just search “item name styled” on pinterest.

Thrifted: 80s windbreaker, Model: Abbey

Thrift stores are THE BEST places to find unique products. This 80s windbreaker is fun, different, and ooooh so stylish. This piece is from The Garment District in Cambridge—> the equivalent to a beatnik mecca. If you are Boston based you have to go immediately to find the coolest vintage finds.

Thrifted: fringe vest, tie dye romper, Model: Lexa

This vintage fringe vest is one of my favorite thrift store finds. It has the best summer vibes and makes me feel like a happy hippie. This piece is perfect for layering at any upcoming music festivals beatniks!

Thrifted: Pants, Belt, Tee, Bandana, Earrings, Watch 

Thrifting is the perfect time to step, or jump, out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to see a piece of clothing and think “Oh that’s cute, but it’s so not me.” You should be following that sentence up with, “But I can make it me.” Styling is key, and even if an item may seem too risky for you to try, there is always a way to put a personal spin on it. Plus, worse comes to worse you don’t wear the item. What did you waste? Three dollars??? (But point being you can rock the damn item).

Thrifted: bandana, romper, boots

Do not fear thrifted shoes. I buy so many of my heals and booties at thrift stores. So ditch your preconceived notions and replace them with a little Lysol and your life will change! There is no better feeling than finding a pair of $8 boots, so definitely embrace this section of your local Goodwill.

Thrifted: Pants, Shirt, Belt, Purse

Never doubt the accessories section of the thrift store; I might even consider it the most important section. Nearly every one of my belts, which I use on a daily basis, are from the thrift store. Purses, belts, jewelry, hats… you name it.

Thrift stores are also the perfect place to get basic shirts that can be paired with anything. This shirt was $3 and I’ve worn it three times in the past week (TMI sorry).

Thrifted: pants, belt, shirt, Model: Maria

Thrift stores can be overwhelming. The vintage treasures are truly hidden in other peoples trash. Look out for brands your familiar with. This basic black shirt is Brandy Melville so although simple, the quality is awesome. These funky leggings are Free People, and in their original store they would not even be close to “free”. A thrift store can make brands and quality products more accessible.

Thrifted: dress and shoes, Model: Abbey

Another great way to thrift is to ask your friends to go through their clothes before they give them away to thrift stores. This dress is actually from LF originally, both a fashion forward and expensive brand. My friend would have donated this piece if I didn’t go through her pile of clothes already labeled  for Salvation Army. The shoes are from Buffalo Exchange located in Allston, another great stop for the frugal fashionista.

Thrifted: shorts and shoes

Thrifting at second hand shops are also a great way to get high-end designers at attainable prices. These shorts are Alice and Olivia, a fun and whimsical brand that I admire, but not one I could normally afford. Thank you thrifting for the ability to finally wear this brand !!!

Thrifted: Jackets, Models: Maria & Lexa

I have an absolute obsession with thrifted jackets. I am a very small person so a lot of the items in a thrift store can be too large. Jackets make larger sizes more accessible. I also love creative outerwear but jackets are generally expensive, which is not great for a college budget. These two are my favorite jackets at the moment, and both were under $40 from the Garment District !

Peace Out~ Cait&Kell

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  • Love the whole outfit with the PF tshirt. You really know how to combine clothes! And love the front earrings. (And the little bit of Daisy who wandered into your photo! LOL.)

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